Change the environment

Change the environment

Hello dear readers! Here’s a general study tip again today which could perhaps make your week a little more efficient than it would have been.

I am sure most of you have experienced this before:

You have decided to study hard for an upcoming exam and have the whole afternoon free to do so. You start working and the first ten minutes seem quite effective. But after a while, you find your thoughts are elsewhere and this happens again and again. Before you realise, it’s dinnertime and looking at your work, you see that half of it was done in the first ten minutes.

This is neither because you have a short concentration span, nor because you are getting tired. (Of course, this could play a role but it is not the key factor.)

Your brain needs to be stimulated every now and then and the easiest way to achieve this is to change the environment. Gather your things and go to another room every one or two hours. Much shorter than an hour is not very useful, as you will take more time and energy setting yourself up. Here are some ideas on where to study.

  1. In your room
  2. At the kitchen table
  3. Go out to the balcony/Garden, etc.
  4. A park nearby
  5. The library
  6. Study at a friend’s who lives nearby

Even just moving to the other side of the table can help, as your scenery changes. I neither had my own room nor a place outside the house to study, so I rotated between:

  1. The kitchen
  2. The terrace
  3. The living-room
  4. The floor of the living room with the work on my lap
  5. The floor of the living room at a low coffee table

This will help you:

  • keep track of time
  • wake up your brain
  • move your body regularly (more about this another time)

If you don’t trust yourself to change your work place regularly, set an alarm for every hour or so. Like this, you can be sure to get more done in the same time span.

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