I’m afraid of becoming unsociable…

I’m afraid of becoming unsociable…

I have seen quite a number of students around me who had this problem.

They know they need to study and would like to sit down and work but feel left out when their friends go out without them. So, they just leave their work be and go out too. They can’t say no to an invitation because they think they’ll slowly be pushed out of that group.

To be frank, the sort of friends who exclude you just for not going out regularly weren’t friends to begin with. But don’t worry, you know whether they’re your friends or not. Just tell them that you need to study. They will absolutely understand. It’s not like they’ve never had the need to study before!

Most likely, all of you are thinking the same thing; wanting to stay with your friends but feeling the pressure of needing to get serious about your studies. There’s a simple answer: do it together!

Now, I’m not a great fan of studying in groups, and perhaps you aren’t either, but it’s still better than nothing. And that one part of the discussion in class today which you couldn’t write down – maybe someone else has it?

You can have fun being together,

You can get on with your studies,

And feel satisfied because you actually pulled yourselves together to work hard as a group!

Basically, if you don’t say it out loud, they won’t understand. But if you do, they will know the feeling too and nothing bad will happen.

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