Reduce your luggage by…

Some students somehow get by with an incredibly empty, cute handbag. Others always have a full rucksack which tires them out before class even starts. For you who needs to get rid of that burden, here’s my advice.

All you need at school are the books you read and exactly one A4-sized notebook. I called mine “The Great Universal Notebook” and got a few laughs for it… but it did the job. (Not a college block, I mean a normal notebook.)

In the post on “How to take notes in class”, I told you to scribble notes as fast as possible in class and rewrite it all at home. Well, this scribbling is to be done in the Great Universal Notebook (the GUN from now on). Cross out the notes which you have rewritten but don’t tear the, out.

You use the GUN for all subjects, at all times, without leaving blank pages. Just write in big letters the name of the subject at the top of the page and perhaps the date. In lessons, you will always have the last lesson’s notes in the GUN, if you need them. Any other papers not in your current GUN you don’t need to take with you to every lesson!

You will know beforehand if there are certain printouts you may need that day. Put them all in a see through plastic file and empty that file every evening. This way, you not only reduce luggage but it’s good preparation for class, as you think in advance about what you will be doing next.

Also, write all your homework, dates to remember and other memos in the GUN too! These too you can transfer to your organised planner later.

The key to not forgetting homework or important information is to have it all in the same place.

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