Study Biology like a language

Here we come to the answer of the question in my last post: How do we tackle Biology, which, according to my last post, is like a language? 

Obvious answer: study it like a language… so here’s what you need to do.

  • When you write notes and summaries before the exam, enumerate the topics and bullet points for each topic. Try to remember how many bullet points there are. It makes it easier to remember the next fact or realise that there is something missing.
  • Make a vocab list. I recommend cards; the term on one side, the definition on the other. If not, a small notebook will do the job too.
  • Draw a memory tree made up only of technical terms without explanations.

Any other methods you usually use to learn vocab can be helpful and of course, this alone is not enough. There is plenty more you need to do in Biology, just like in all other subjects.

But like this, you’ve removed the main problem which Biology creates for most people who try and study it the same way as other sciences.

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