Why was I good at all sciences except Biology?

I received a comment from a reader that my posts may be a little too long and tiring to read, so I’m going to try to break them down a bit from here on…

Up until now I have been writing about very generic topics, and this is going to be my first subject specific post. I hope it will be useful.

Now, Biology was my worst science which I dropped one year before the final exams (I kept Maths, Physics, Chemistry and IT). So, a lot of what I write about are speculations on what I should have done before it was too late.

The first question hereby is this: Why were my grades so bad in Biology although I was studying just as hard as for the other natural sciences, where I was getting top marks? 

Biology is a natural science but I think it is very different from the others listed above. In short, these are the main problems.

  1. You can’t get the marks just by understanding how things work. (And I mean a lot more so than other sciences.)
  2. You can’t deduce one fact from the one before.

Biology is all about knowing every single one of the technical terms and being able to use them in your explanations. Does this ring a bell? Yes, it’s just like a language. And that is also the answer to why I, and probably other science-minded people out there too, are having trouble.

Now we come to the second question: How do we tackle it? 

The answer to this will be in the following post. Please look forward to it!

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