Sit at the front

You may think it is totally irrelevant where you sit in class as long you’re attentive. In theory this may be true, but that’s not how it is in reality.

There is a general tendency for “good students” to sit closer to the teacher and inattentive, louder students to be rocking on their chairs at the back of the room. This is not a coincidence.

You, whoever is currently reading this post, may or may not be in a school system which grades you on class participation. I was. If you are as well, then sitting at the front is essential. Why? Because:

  • With the teacher in front of you, neither you nor your friend beside you will have the nerve to chat as much as you usually do.
  • When you are busy taking notes, your teacher can see that. He/she won’t think you are just too lazy to participate in the discussion.

  • If you are just the sort of quiet person who is not good at saying things in class, the teacher at least knows you are mentally there. Many teachers say “It would be better if you say more, but I know you’re just shy and are actually very attentive.” It can push your grade up quite a bit.
  • You can chat with the teacher one to one in breaks etc. They get to know you and come to like you. Participation should not, but is, based on the teachers’ intuition. You’re better off being on friendly terms.


Even if only your exams count, there are benefits to the front seat.

  • Let’s admit it, nerds like the front row… 😉 You can come closer to those who have good grades and surely, I am not the first person to tell you that your grades will go up if you spend time with intelligent people.
  • Also, it is just a lot easier to concentrate on the lesson.
  • I like the fact that at the front, I can’t see most of my classmates, unless I turn around. And what I can’t see doesn’t distract me.

I am not saying you should change your seat in the next lesson and leave your friends behind. But at the start of a new term, in a new class or classroom, take the front seats.

If you’re alone, you’ll get to know new people there. If not, then your lucky friend will also benefit from the front seat.

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