Study in a noisy environment

This may sound completely off the mark but it is worth a try if you haven’t already done so. Here are the reasons:

  • By actively shutting out the noise from outside, you can focus better on whatever you are doing.
  • And because people are watching you, you need to at least look like you’re a hardworking student. This will automatically stop you from daydreaming like you would do in a quiet room.
  • Also, in a place where people walk by, you can feel the time ticking by. Even if you have plenty of time, you feel like you are in a hurry and will be finished in no time.

However, do not mistake this with loud music or studying with a group of friends! The latter can have its own merits but only if you are all studying quietly.  If they are chatting, it is nothing but distraction.

My recommendations are:

  • In a café on the street
  • On the train/bus
  • The cafeteria

Now, it’s a fifty-fifty chance whether this works for you or not. Some people simply get distracted. For others, it’s perfect. You won’t know until you try.

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